Villa Carlos Paz Villa Carlos Paz


  • Hotel Tanti

    Hotel Tanti

    Gral. Paz 115.

    (03541) 49-7195 / 49-7196

  • Cabañas Posada del Sol

    Cabañas Posada del Sol



  • Hostel & Dptos Guillermo y Alicia

    Hostel & Dptos Guillermo y Alicia

    Rawson 239

    (03541) 425447

  • Complejo Shangrila

    Complejo Shangrila

    Roque Saenz Peña 1305

    03541 426085

  • Altos Del Champaquí

    Altos Del Champaquí

    Champaqui 631

    (03541) 420-376

  • Amanitas Hotel

    Amanitas Hotel

    Salta 180


  • Villa Carlos Paz
Alojamientos en Villa General Belgrano

The hotel sector is one of the major components of the equipment in the concert tour of the village and offers quality and variety that go in line with the country's main resorts.

In Villa Carlos Paz everyone find their place. The offer includes all types of accommodation and within each, accessibility for all budgets.

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