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General Information: Villa Carlos Paz


Regarding the traditional productive sectors, the district economy is strongly led by the service sector, within which the TOURIST SECTOR outstands due to the city natural features.

Apart from the traditional “sun and beach” option, other non-traditional attractions appear to be on the increase, among them, long weekend urban tourism, considering the wide diversity of recreational activities this city has to offer.
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Also, conventions and congresses tourism makes the most of hotels capacity and of the favorable conditions available, and natural and rural tourism emphasizes on the picturesque sceneries of Mar del Plata.

The AGRICULTURAL AND CATTLE BREEDING SECTOR also deserves to be mentioned. The lands in this district are rich in humus content, being especially suitable for small grains, such as wheat, oat, and linen as well as for coarse grains, such as corn, sunflower and soy. As regards cattle breeding, bovine, ovine and equine cattle is raised. Livestock production concentrates on breeding, wintering and dairy farm activities in this district. The so-called Careta breed, a cross between Aberdeen Angus and Hereford breeds, predominates in this region.
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Among the dynamic sectors of recent development, the HORTICULTURAL SECTOR outstands. It has taken advantage of the natural resources of the area and witnessed a notorious increase in the last decade.
Such an increase stems from having diversified species and quality products. The most common species cropped are peppers, sweet red peppers, lettuce, garlic, onion, string bean, pumpkin, tomato and carrot.
In addition, crucifers and fruits are cultivated. Potato cropping deserves a special mention at this point.


Sport at its most varied expressions is present in Villa Carlos Paz and its surroundings to enjoy either as a spectator or to live fully as recreation practice. Motor racing with his now famous skills developed in our mountains, in the Pro Racing track just minutes from the town, and every year in May calling for more than a million viewers, the World Rally dispute where brands and visit us most famous pilots in the specialty.
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Water sports also have lots of followers. The San Antonio River Cosquín and offer alternative canotage practice, kayak, while sailing, motor, wind surfing, water skiing, jet skis, are some of the best practices developed in the mirror of Lake San Roque . Just a few minutes from the center of Carlos Paz, to the south, the Aero Club In practice locally allows aviation machines ultralight small size and a little later, in the valley of the Jarillas, the Carlos Paz Golf Club, with one 18-hole course is surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery in the same city and countless clubs allow developing sports such as tennis, paddle, football, basketball, rugby, bowls, athletics and aeromodelling.

Villa Carlos Paz and all its spectacular beauty saws allow developing adventure tourism, ecotourism, photo safaris, all these modalities with a common contact with nature, the peace of the countryside, the rugged terrain and joined the recreational use education of natural areas. It can be from a simple walk in close contact with nature, in relatively short circuits, walking trails marked and easily accessible or perform other more extensive tours with greater complexity as trekking and walking trails winding chopped, to make Montanism, rock climbing, rappelling at Cerro la Cruz and Cerro Mogote Giants in their 2380 mts. tall. It also lends the mountain landscape mountain bike for motocross, camping or hiking walks.

Given the particular topography, climate change and other natural difficulties, you should always leave accompanied by local guide, guide or someone who knows the area at greatest risk excursions. Vacation time he proposes the Villa, among the beauties of the mountains and the freshness of the water, which is much more appealing. During the day, in addition to recreational and sports complex entertaining and charming places to visit on excursions on foot or by public transportation, are natural spas where the sun, sand and water make the delight of young and old .
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Preferred by younger, are in the San Roque lake, beaches anchor, beach, Cala Conta , among others. They abound sports ideal for family gatherings, traditional roasts and shaded groves designed mateadas low on both banks of the San Antonio River and minutes from downtown include: La Hoya, Route Sun, The Fantasio, The waterfalls, Beaches Gold and others, all with refreshing basins, reservoirs and natural pools, with sandy beaches and open spaces for recreation, most of these places has adequate infrastructure services.

At night, slowly over the pedestrian area will populate lights and people. Soon there will be a crowd on main street, its cafes and restaurants. The youngest, arriving after midnight to go to a pub and then to the discs.

Not only youth benefit from the outputs, the elderly also have alternatives, Casino and Bingo, Clubs, Dance Club, festivals, cinemas, and theaters with attractive billboards every summer. For all ages, for everyone, all year round, Villa Carlos Paz, offers each visitor, the appropriate response to their own particular expectations, under the clear blue sky Cordoba.