Villa Carlos Paz Villa Carlos Paz


At that time when the sun heats and no one can resist, is when everyone agrees the decision to approach the beaches and sit on the sand, listening to the distance a hot topic. Some kids enjoy beach games, while others are refreshed with a drink at the beach these have a different flavor.

Spend the day relaxing in the various beaches offers Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba , enjoying the natural wonders, is simply irresistible.

Here visitors can access the services required to ensure the comfort when performing sports or enjoy artistic proposals . Lovers of water sports will find two ideal places to enjoy: Fantasio and Golden Beaches . And the more traditional may choose Olla, Playa Sol, Del Ciervo and Amarras . These places become centers for young people, who come together to organize nights out giving the inn a touch of joy.

For those who want a change in the form of accommodation, camping is a positive variation on the beaches of Villa Carlos Paz, offering a large number of campsites with all services. Among them: health, grocery, grills, sports courts, playground, and pool.