Villa Carlos Paz Villa Carlos Paz


Lago San Roque

Costanera del Lago

Through Av. Irigoyen, then turning on Av Illia

Ciervo Beach

It is one of the most traditional of Villa Carlos Paz, visited mostly by youth groups. Irigoyen and El Lago

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Pirelli Beach

It is used as a landing bay for sailing practitioners. Their depth is variable and has no lifeguards so caution is advised to enjoy your surroundings. Tagore and Pacifico Avenue

El Gitano Bay

Although no infrastructure spa, this lovely natural setting is used by boats, watercraft and fishermen. In season offers lifeguard services. Appears Av Illia, among Artigas and Guemes.

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Los Patos Tour

It is a park on Lake San Roque use by young people as a solarium, for boys and play area, and higher as a place of relaxation and meeting. The depth of the waters that stroke is variable, so caution is advised. In season, has lifeguards. It is situated on Avenue Illia y Puente Carretero.

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Costa Azul

Area chosen by the fans of jet skis and fishing. Comechingones and Lake

Calaconta Beach

It is one of the most active inns in proximity to the central town of Villa Carlos Paz, preferably chosen by lovers of windsurfing, canoeing, sailing and power boating. This space is accessed by entering natural Costanera Sur.