Villa Carlos Paz Villa Carlos Paz


Río San Antonio

La Hoya

This quiet and picturesque seaside resort takes its name from the deep basins that form the features of the landscape stones. It appears as an ideal place for swimming. In high season with lifeguards and parking control. It has been discovered transiting Asuncion and Perito Moreno.


It is the closest resort to the center of Villa Carlos Paz and therefore the most visited. It offers all the services necessary for the full enjoyment of working outdoors: grills and tables, toilets, bar, grocery, restaurant and recreational areas, and excellent camping area. In the summer season with lifeguards and parking control. You reach this charming street passing by Perito Moreno. A regular bus line goes from every 10 minutes.

Author: Faryluk

The Waterfalls

It has a wonderful landscape where nature and enjoy the rest. In high season provides lifeguard services and parking control. It appears after a substantial tour of Perito Moreno Av.

Sol Rute

Magnificent natural environment for those who are in search of calm, as though the services offered by this spa is small, appears as an ideal place where to enjoy a picnic with family or friends. The whole area is drawn in beautiful shade, small squares of sand and some other stones like natural scenery. In high season with lifeguards and parking control. It is accessed by Asuncion and Perito Moreno Av.

The Channel

It is a small resort that appears to turn on Calle Juncal, upstream from the bridge, stopping where it outlines the sight a rocky area bathed by clear waters. Does not have grills or toilets. Nor with lifeguards so caution is advised. From Villa Carlos Paz Cárcano Av.

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Oro Beaches

It is one of the finest resorts visited by families with children, which boasts a clean sandy beach and shallow waters. It has all the necessary facilities for the day: tables and barbecues, grocery, healthcare, restaurant, in addition to incorporate sport and fun to the day from the rental of bicycles, horses and kayaks. Care offers seasonal lifeguard. It is located on Av Cárcano to 3000. A regular bus line makes the journey from Villa Carlos Paz every ten minutes, stopping at Cárcano and Madrid.

River and Sun

Some stones lapped by shallow waters and wide stretches of sand draw the landscape of this renowned spa also boasts a compelling shade of trees and all necessary services to enjoy worry-free environment. To get here, you must pass through Cárcano Avenue to San Antonio Arredondo, and fold in toward the river Quirós. A regular bus line makes the journey from Villa Carlos Paz.