Villa Carlos Paz Villa Carlos Paz


Cabalango y Tanti

Beach Icho Cruz

An area of natural charm of all services provided for the enjoyment of days in the open air arena, shadow, shallow water, camping area, tables and grills, restaurant and even rent horses. Appears about 8kms. Villa Carlos Paz, near the village of the same name.

Tala Huas

Area on the San Antonio where the lure of sandy beaches mixed with the typical aromas of the Cordoba mountain range. It has no grocery services. Everything you need to remember to buy in Icho Cruz.

Piedras Negras

Sandy beaches for swimming and extended basins downstream of Tala Huasi.

San Antonio de Arredondo

Sandy beach and shallow ideal for families with young children. Additional services include: grills, restaurant and a tearoom. It has no lifeguards. On Route 14, at 9 km. Carlos Paz.

Author: Alejandro-Barbeito

Mayu Sumaj

Vast tracts of sand and some small holes perfect for swimming charmed this purely natural environment. It has no infrastructure spa. On Route 14, 11km. Carlos Paz.

Cuesta Blanca

A picturesque setting on the San Antonio River lowlands alternating with small rocky beaches and inviting water basins. Two thousand meters upstream, on the right bank of the river, is the camping area with grills and restrooms. At the end of the road is a store. It is located 14Km. Villa Carlos Paz, Route 14.

Balneario Las Jarrillas

Shallow and beautiful trees, this resort on the San Antonio River is one of the quietest areas of the zone conditioned also by the services necessary for full enjoyment: tables and grills, grocery, restaurant, restrooms, playground. It is about 15km. Villa Carlos Paz, Route 14, road to the Bosque Alegre Observatory.


Spa lying on a bed of stones and bordered by reservoirs and natural basins. The area is rather shallow, ready to grill, grocery and health, where you can camp and enjoy nature in all its splendor. Access is along National Route No. 38, and then continue on Provincial Highway No. 28 and, before reaching the town of Tanti, turn left onto a dirt road after 8km. occurs at the spa.

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Beaches in Tanti

A waterfall of approximately 20 meters sandwiched between walls of granite and dense vegetation, natural pools formed on his tour of the Tanti Creek, and an island at the point of confluence between it and Los Sauces, make delight summer tourists, both by the natural beauty of landscapes, sporting and recreational opportunities, for the excellent services that allow the living carefree in the sun. From Villa Carlos Paz Tanti is reached along National Route No. 38 and No. 28 Provincial.